Ruby (Cheerfest)

Ruby (Défi Cheer UQAM)

Cherry (Montréal Mayhem)

Cherry (Big East Blast)

Cherry (Cheerfest)

Cherry (Défi Cheer UQAM)

Starlites (Montréal Mayhem)

Starlites (Big East Blast)

Starlites (Cheerfest)

Blush (Montréal Mayhem)

Blush (Big East Blast)

Blush (Cheerfest)

Rebels (Montreal Mayhem)

Rebels (Big East Blast)

Rebels (Cheerfest)

Rebels (UCA/Floride)

Commanders (Montréal Mayhem)

Commanders (Big East Blast)

Commanders (Cheerfest)

Snip3rs (Montréal Mayhem)

Snip3rs (Big East Blast)

Snip3rs (Cheerfest)

Hot Shot (Montréal Mayhem)

Hot Shot (Cheerfest)

Black Ops (Montréal Mayhem)

Black Ops (Big East Blast)

Black Ops (Cheerfest)

Warriors (Provinciaux)

Famous-Mom and Dad (Cheerfest)

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